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Saramonic MixMic


The Saramonic MixMic adapter and microphone kit includes a combined SR-NV5 shotgun microphone and dual channel XLR adapter, allowing you to connect your camera to professional-level mixing consoles, microphones, and sound studios.

The adapter features two pro-standard XLR terminals for maximum operating flexibility, providing separate volume control of two channels, gain setting and wind noise reduction. The Mic/Line input switching helps you capture detailed recording levels and control low frequency sound.

Professional Sound Recording
The MixMic is a professional sound recording solution in a compact package – perfect for one-man film crews, run-and-gun shoots, or anyone in need of simple, flexible audio coverage. The combination of shotgun with audio mixer and XLR outputs gives you all the tools you need to get professional coverage quickly and easily.

Adapatable Microphone
The MixMic includes the SR-NV5 shotgun microphone, but also enables users to connect their own favorite recording mic via the XLR inputs. You can further fine tune your results with the built-in sensitivity and directivity controls. Adjust your setting in real time to get the best possible audio while in the field.

Pro-Standard XLR Inputs
The audio adapter body features dual XLR inputs, allowing you to connect multiple microphones to the unit, or interface with any professional mixer or soundboard. Secure locking technology ensures a solid connection for interference free recording.

Includes (removable) SR-NV5 Shotgun Microphone with integrated 2-Channel XLR Audio Mixer
Dual Channel Level Controls
Dual Channel Level Controls
Dual Channel Gain Switches (0db, 10dB, 20dB)
Dual Channel Low cut switches
Dual Channel Line/Mic/48V Phantom Power Switches


2x Balanced XLR inputs


3.5mm TRS (for Cameras & Camcorders)

Power Requirements:

9V Battery

Frequency Response:

20 Hz to 20 kHz, +/-0.5 dB

Dimensions (WxHxD):

XLR Adapter:

3.3 x 3.9 x 3.3" (84 x 100 x 83mm)


1.7 x 7.4" (43 x 187mm)


XLR Adapter: 5.9 oz (167g)


2.1 oz (60g)